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Written In America features green wellness books, personal growth books and spirituality books as well as essays on life and social issues written in America. There’s plenty of good stuff to read!


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Among Written in America green wellness books’ topics are:

  • how to make a transition from the “modern” to green living
  • natural approach to wellness and disease prevention

Our other green books delve into:

  • green anti aging and examine how to moderate negative impact of aging on our health
  • natural DIY health management
  • natural treatments for common ailments using natural remedies

Written in America personal growth books – several are in the works! – are not intended for the pleasure of reading. It is my belief that persons suffering from a low self esteem don’t need to learn more about it, but acquire skills necessary to empower themselves. “How To Build Self Esteem Quickly” is a workbook. You read, work and yes, learn how to develop healthy, strong self esteem in six steps! Life is time. NO ONE has time to lose or worse yet, give away. Living with low self esteem is like voluntarily serving a prison sentence. Don’t do it! Get this guide!

Spirituality books? Try “Religion WITHOUT God”! A compelling Humanist take on the concept of God and purpose of life. The book examines origins of the concept of God and our use of God as excuse for the failure to achieve or claim responsibility for our actions. It imagines life without excuses: a life that acknowledges human power and examines human limitations, eventually asking about the purpose of life and arriving at the conclusion that each of us can make their life meaningful and “eternal”.

Life is a buffet of thoughts, welcome to my table: check out Written in America blog, try my green wellness books, personal growth books and spirituality books!


About Sturm Enrich: I am an American author passionate about life, current events, social issues, spirituality, personal growth, environment and wellness.

I’ve chosen the name Written in America deliberately: with all we’ve faced and survived lately, it’s time to take pride in being American, buying American-made and valuing written in America, again.

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Written in America Website is my way of reaching out to thinking people and engaging them in a meaningful conversation. I hope that providing good stuff to read will create a venue for a thought exchange and perhaps even, for validating each other at some point, down the road.


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